When picking wedding shoes to match the bridal gown, you just need to please yourself. However, this couldn’t be further from the case when it comes to wedding favours. You need to pick something that will please your guests while still reflecting your style. This can be tricky. Fortunately, most individuals like candles and will utilize them someday. That is why a good number of couples take this route. Ideally, there are numerous ways to turn them into unique favours for your big day. That being said, here are some incredible ideas for personalised wedding candles.

Mini Lanterns

These create appealing wedding favour, particularly if they can be hung at the banquet above the tables. The indirect lighting is charming and creates a unique and attractive setting. You can have guests pick a lantern each at the entrance, have them go back to their table, where they will see a message telling them to hang the mini-lanterns, thus lighting up the location. You can alternatively have the lanterns hang and lit already, with the message this time to take one home.

Candlelit Teatime

This is a pretty simple idea to implement, which is also inexpensive. Purchase teacups for your guests put tea inside and put a message suggesting candlelit teatime. If you want to make it even more personalized, get second-hand teacups in varying styles.

Artisanal Candles

If you are on the search for a heartfelt, charming gift, then look for a local candlemaker to come up with distinct candles, particularly for you. Ask them to make them a bit different so that each candle shows a different personality.  You can go a bit further by having appealing ceramic tiles engraved with your wedding date or message and have the candlemaker adhere them onto your candles.

Bottled Up Lights

If you are having a small wedding or are into do-it-yourself wedding favours, then you can make your own candle holders from empty beer or wine bottles. There are numerous DIY tutorials on YouTube you can use to make these. You do not need to start drinking heavily as you can easily get the bottles from your family and friends. Get rid of the labels, clean them and get a bit more creative by fitting a message into the bottles. Just ensure they will not catch fire.

Create Your Own Candle

If you are on the hunt for entertainment ideas for your big day, then you are going to love this one. Look for a candle artisan who can set-up a candle making stand at the reception. They can then show your guests how to create their own candles. This is a fun activity, particularly for children.

The 12-Candle Challenge

This is another fun idea for personalized wedding candles. For the next 12 months, give your guests something to do. Glue a small envelope to each tealight, with a suggestion for a task or activity that the guest should do that month. You’ll want to be creative with this one as it can be really fun. Tell your guest to call you out of the blue, feed a homeless person, make something from scratch, try out a restaurant you like, etc. The guests are bound to be excited to see what they will do next. Remember to number the envelopes 1-12 and put the tealights in a charming box or bag, with an explanation of the candle challenge.

About Us Candle

Place every candle in a simple glass and write on them using a permanent marker with appealing ink. You can include facts about you, some of your favourite things or even a personal message to everyone invited to your wedding.

Charity Candle

If there is a cause or an NGO that you would like to support, your big day presents a great opportunity. There are charities out there that sell merch to raise money, and there are numerous wedding favours to pick from. However, a candle never fails to be charming as it reminds the guest of the good cause whenever they light it. You can even go a step further and support multiple charities by purchasing several candles from each one.

Hidden Treasure

If you pick an artisan to make your wedding favours candles, you can have them include a surprise in each one of them. It should be something small that will not melt like a small engraved spoon or a miniature metal figurine. This is a personalized wedding candles idea that you can have so much fun with.

S’mores with a Candle

This can be a great idea if you or your partner like s’ mores. Give each guest an s’mores package. It can include chocolate, marshmallow on a stick, biscuit and a candle inside a jar or tin to roast the marshmallow.

Engraved Candles

You will come across all sorts of engraved candles. The engraving is usually on the candle, but it melts, and so, it is best to have the candles inside glasses that are engraved. This way, you will be left with glass that can be used for something else when the candle has burned away.

Date Night Box

If you are looking to share the romance that you enjoy with your partner, then you can make wedding favour boxes that contain rose petals, a candle, and a mini bottle of wise. The couples and single guests as well as certainly enjoy a small box of TLC.

There are numerous personalized wedding candle ideas, and it all comes down to your taste or style.

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