There are a lot of costs involved with planning a wedding – venue, dress, drinks, etc. Because of those factors, it can be tempting to try and cut costs where possible.

One way you can potentially save money is by hiring a DJ instead of a band for the reception. While it might be a bit cheaper, it is most likely not going to have the desired effect.

How many weddings have you been to when the only person on the dancefloor is trying to two-step to ‘Come On Eileen’? Or all the guests hide from dancing until the drinks have been flowing for an hour or a few?

Even though it is your big day – you want everyone to enjoy themselves and spending that little bit extra is worth it in the long run. If you pay for good entertainment, you won’t have to spend time worrying if your guests are having a good time – you know they will.

Bands Are Cool

We’ve all fantasized about being a musician; bought a guitar and promised ourselves we were going to master it but ended up quitting. So when a live band is in front of you, it’s hard not to look on in admiration.

Having a band either on stage or in a corner will provide a focal point for guests and will draw their eyes in. It is far more engaging than a DJ who will provide music, but no visuals.

People are also more likely to get up and dance to a band as they are drawn in and encouraged by human engagement. Watch as your guests are almost subconsciously drawn towards them to enjoy the show.

Great Atmosphere

There is nothing better than a good sing-along and a live band provides just this opportunity. Finishing the night arm-in-arm with your friends, singing old classics with your shoes off – it’s the perfect ending to any party.

When you hire a band, they will have a large list of songs they can perform and will be able to tailor their set to your needs. If the guests are responding particularly well to one genre, the band will react to that.

This will keep the party going and the dancefloor busy. All you have to do is sing and dance the night away while the band work their magic and get everyone moving.

Gives A Professional Feel

A band will take any party to the next level – even if your wedding reception in a village hall – having live music will make it seem special. The level of excitement they can create means you could book a shipping container and everyone would enjoy themselves.

It also provides a schedule to the night, if you have chosen to have food, once your guests are finished eating then they can start watching the band. Even if they are not ready or too full to dance, it will still be an activity everyone can enjoy.

The band will also require audience participation throughout the night (where appropriate) which will get even the most unwilling guest up on their feet. From the first dance to the last song – a band will improve every moment.

Songs Done Differently

While a good DJ will be able to play the right songs, a band will perform them. When you listen to live music, there is infectious energy behind it, that you can’t help respond to.

By hiring a good band, with a large range of songs, you will be investing in a night of wonderful performances. Sometimes covers are better than the original and it’s more tempting to sing along with someone in front of you than a studio version.

Combine all the good parts of karaoke with a good vocalist on stage and the party it creates. They could be playing Frozen or Rage Against The Machine, but a good band is guaranteed to get toes tapping.